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Welcome to CAELinux

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Welcome to, the website dedicated to the open source computer aided engineering Linux distribution CAElinux.

Thanks to Open Source, now you just need to insert the CAELinux LiveDVD in your computer to turn it into a free and open engineering development workstation with CAD, CAM, CAE / FEA / CFD, electronic design and 3D printing  features: no licence and even no installation is required !

Based on the open-source CAD/CAM software such as Freecad, LibreCAD, PyCAM and Cura and CAE softwares like Salomé, Code_Aster, Code_Saturne, OpenFOAM and Elmer , you can design  your CAD geometry, perform multiphysics simulations to optimize your design, generate G-code for prototyping with 3D printing & milling, and even develop your own PCBs & microcontroller based electronic circuits for automation.

For example, using Freecad, you can design your parametric CAD geometry with ease,  generate a computation mesh and setup your simulation problem in Salome_Meca in a few minutes. After your design is checked you can go on  preparing a G-Code for CNC milling a prototype with PyCAM or 3D printing it with Cura.

With the integrated open-source tools of CAELinux, you can simulate incredibly complex physics with the open-source FE & CFD solvers Code_Aster, Code-Saturne, OpenFOAM & Elmer: non-linear thermo-mechanics, coupled fluid-structure dynamics, seismic / non-linear explicit dynamics, contacts, visco-plasticity, fluid dynamics, heat exchange, convection heat transfer and radiation in other words nearly all physics problem can be addressed with the integrated solvers!! Then reload your results files in post-processing applications like Salomé, GMSH or Paraview to visualize your data in 3D... And don't forget all these features are based on open-source / free softwares, so now you don't have to pay for any expensive licenses and if you want, you can even improve it.

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 March 2014 12:21

New release: CAELinux 2013

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Although seriously delayed, we are pleased  to announce our new release CAELinux 2013

CAELinux 2013 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit distribution and contains a unique suite of open source simulation tools for FEA, CFD or multiphysics simulation but also a large panel of other engineering software for CAD-CAM & 3D printing, electronics, mathematics & programming . CAELinux 2013 represents a complete rebuild of the distribution with up-to-date software for a better support of modern hardware and a significantly enhanced ease of use, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

This release is available in the form of  an liveDVD ISO image for AMD/Intel 64 bit CPUs that can be burned on a DVD or installed on a USB key for "mobile" use and testing and then installed on hard-disk for best performance. A virtual machine image for use on Amazon EC2 (standard and cluster instances) is also available.

CFD analysis of a Y-junction

Interested ? Get your copy of CAELinux 2013 here

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 March 2014 12:01

CAELinux in the Cloud

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CAELinux on Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing infrastructure

Do you wish to run a large simulation job but you cannot afford to pay for an high-end server with 64gb of RAM? You CFD simulation are taking days on your laptop and you would like to speed-it up using an "on-demand" Cluster?

CAELinux in the Cloud may be the solution you were waiting for !

Using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, you can now run as many CAELinux servers, on-demand, with the hardware  that fits your simulation needs (up to 8 cores / 64 GB RAM) and this just by paying the server hours  !

Update: for an up to date procedure please follow this thread on the forum

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 March 2014 12:07

CAELinux 2013 development

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Development of CAELinux 2013 release has officially started!

Even better, CAELinux is moving to a collaborative development model and will propose packages in a repository to streamline testing, installation, upgrade and removal of software over many years. This will mean, no more need to reinstall from scratch to upgrade !

A collaborative development platform has been setup on and is now open for tester and contributing developers.

CAELinux 2013 release will be based on (X)Ubuntu 12.04 64bit LTS and testing packages for this platform are now ready for testing.

To test these packages, to contribute or to learn more, please read further on this  forum thread or directly on


CAELinux Screenshots

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Here are several screenshots of some FE analysis done with CAELinux
Last Updated on Friday, 28 October 2011 16:33

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CAELinux is a non-profit, open-source oriented project that is developed by volunteers.

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