Finding Documentation

This page reference some tutorials & documents to help you to get started with CAELinux, but it is not exhaustive. Progressivelly all the documentation & tutorials are transfered to CAELinux Wiki, which allows anyone to contribute to the content. So try to also visit our WIKI for more up-to-date informations / documents as this page will not be updated anymore.



CAELinux Wiki Tutorial Section:


A first draft documentation is available on the wiki: CAELinux Documentation page on the Wiki , please try to read it before using CAELinux.

Introduction tutorial 1: general use of Salome & Code_Aster

This is the first tutorial on the use of Salomé & Code_Aster: linear statics analysis of a piston.
In this tutorial, you will learn to:
1) import & mesh a STEP geometry in Salomé
2) create & edit the options of a FE study in Code_Aster
3) solve the FE problem
4) load results in Salomé & post-process the data
Duration approx. 30 min.
Tutorial in PDF format: Download
Piston geometry in STEP format: Download

Tutorial1: Geometry & Meshing with Salome

This is a tutorial on the use of Salomé for 3D geometry modelling (CAD-like) & meshing.
2D sketch, extrusion, boolean operations, array of features, partitionning, global & local mesh definition, mesh quality check, ...
Duration approx. 60 min.
Tutorial & HDF geometry in ZIP format: Download HERE

JML Tutorials

Thanks to the kind contribution of Mr Jean-Marc LICHTLE (original french tutorials) and Mr Laurent MALOD-PANISSET (translation to english), there are now 4 completely new beginners tutorials available in both french and english.

More informations HERE

Advanced Examples

A set of advanced FE modelling examples with Salomé & Code-Aster is published Here

In these documents, You will see how to simulate plastic deformations, thermo-mechanics, contacts, modal analysis, composite materials and assemblies!!