Despite the rather complicated times that we are all going through, I am happy to announce that a new CAELinux version is ready for you to download. CAELinux 2020 is based on Xubuntu 18.04 and as usual it is customized to offer many open source simulation tools for stress analysis, thermal or fluid flow simulation and other physics  but it also contain a full range of mathematical modeling, graphic, design, CAD / CAM, prototyping software which makes it ideal for running a Fablab or a MakerSpace using purely open-source tools.

CAELinux 2018 had many issues mostly related to the installer and LiveDVD creation or boot. The causes were related to the large size of the ISO image which could not be handled properly by most  boot codes. As many software that we include become also much larger, we had to find a solution to keep proposing a full CAE workstation despite the usual 4GB constrain on ISO images. We have now found a way to go past the 4Gb barrier and still produce a valid ISO image. However, this also means that from now CAELinux will only be able to boot from a USB flash disk. Booting a >4Gb ISO is not trivial so please read the instructions provided in the Getting Started guide available on the Sourceforge release page.



  • LiveDVD distribution based on Xubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit with XFCE lightweight desktop
  • Available as an installable ISO image for USB flash drive; 
  • Runs directly from USB key without any installation
  • For best performance: installation to hard disk with the simple Ubuntu installer
  • Offers a complete platform for open source engineering development: Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and simulation (CAE, FEA / CFD), electronics design, scientific computing,  programming and mathematical modelling
  • CAD/CAM & 3D printing: Salome, Freecad, OpenSCAD, LibreCad, Pycam, Camotics, dxf2gcode & Cura
  • FEA, CFD & multiphysic simulation: Salome-Meca 2019 / Code-Aster, SalomeCFD/Code-Saturne, HelyxOs/OpenFOAM v7, Elmer FEM, Calculix  with Launcher & CAE GUI
  • Meshing, pre-post, & visualization: Salome, Paraview, Helyx-OS, Elmer GUI, VoxelMesher
  • Electronic design and prototyping: KiCad, Arduino, Flatcam, dxf2gcode / cadpy for PCB isolation milling.
  • Scientific & development tools: Python 3 with Spyder, GNU Octave, R, wxMaxima, OpenModelica, Qt Creator, gcc, gfortran, java, g++, perl, tcl/tk