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Hello everyone,

The CAElinux community has recently raised concerns regarding the absence of robust asset management compliance features on the platform. As users increasingly rely on CAElinux for their engineering and simulation needs, the community has identified a critical gap in the current system's ability to effectively manage and ensure compliance with various assets.


Asset management compliance is an integral aspect of engineering and simulation software, especially in industries where adherence to specific standards and regulations is paramount. Users on the CAElinux platform are expressing the need for enhanced functionalities that address the following key concerns:

Documentation and Traceability: Users require a comprehensive system for documenting and tracing assets within the platform. This includes the ability to maintain detailed records of simulations, models, and associated data to ensure transparency and accountability.

Version Control: The current absence of a robust version control system for assets poses challenges for users working on collaborative projects. An effective version control mechanism is crucial to avoid confusion, errors, and data inconsistencies.

Security Measures: Concerns have been raised regarding the security of sensitive assets within the platform. Users are seeking advanced security features to safeguard proprietary information, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to critical data.

Integration with Industry Standards: Many users operate in industries with specific compliance requirements and standards. The community is advocating for the integration of features that facilitate adherence to these standards, streamlining the process of regulatory compliance.

Audit Trail: An audit trail feature is essential for tracking changes made to assets over time. This capability helps users identify when modifications were made, who made them, and what specific changes were implemented, contributing to a more accountable and transparent environment.

The CAElinux community believes that addressing these asset management compliance concerns will significantly enhance the platform's utility, attracting a broader user base and fostering a more secure and collaborative environment for engineering and simulation projects. Community members are eager to see the integration of these features in future updates to ensure CAElinux remains a cutting-edge solution for the diverse needs of its user base.

best regards,

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