Code-Saturne 1.3.1, Stand-alone binary package


Code-Saturne is an industrial-level Finite Volume CFD code developed by EDF (France) and is distributed in GPL licence.To learn more about Code-Saturne, please visit EDF R&D website at :

This package contains the sources & binaries of Code-Saturne 1.3.1 and its dependencies. The code has been built on CAELinux 2007 and configured to run right after unpacking in /opt/saturne; no additionnal configuration / re-build should be required. The package also contains the sources of Code-Saturne and its dependent libraries as well as the configuration files, so it should not be too complicated to recompile the whole code on your own platform if necessary (look in the INSTALL directory for more info).

Download links

This binary package can be downloaded from here:  

For more information on installation and tutorials, please have a look at:

 Video tutorials on the combined use of Salome & Code-Saturne will be published soon on CAELinux Wiki ( )