This new GPL software package, called Salome-Meca-2008 , has been developed by EDF France and is distributed in GPL licence.

CAELinux has been chosen to be part of the official distributors of this brand new GPL package and is proud to take part in this adventure.

Salome-Meca-2008 contains the newly integrated software suite combining Salome v.3.2.9 Pre-Post processor  & Code-Aster v9.2 FE solver and  includes the new Code-Aster module for Salome and its new Analysis Wizards.


Salome-Meca-2008 is distributed in the form of a simple to install "tar.gz" archive containing all the required binaries to run the software on any recent Linux platform. All the required libraries are included in the archive so the only prerequisite should be a running version of  "python" .

To install Salome-Meca-2008, you should simply extract the content of the archive to its final destination like for example "/opt" and then run the post-installation script in a terminal: see README  for a detailed installation procedure.

 Running Salome-Meca

Then to run Salome-Meca-2008, simply launch the "runSalome" script from the installation folder


 Salome-Meca-2008.1-GPL.tgz archive :  367615363 bytes (~350 Mb) 

 MD5Sum: 0769d8e538f61d3ffaac4248904d34cf

 Download Salome-Meca-2008.1-GPL