This new GPL software package, called Salome-Meca-2007 , has been developed by EDF France and is distributed in GPL licence.

CAELinux has been chosen to be part of the official distributors of this brand new GPL package and is proud to take part in this adventure.

Salome-Meca-2007 contains the newly integrated software suite combining Salome v.3.2.6 Pre-Post processor  & Code-Aster v9.1 FE solver and  includes the new Code-Aster module for Salome and its new Analysis Wizards.


Salome-Meca-2007 is distributed in the form of a simple to install "tar.gz" archive containing all the required binaries to run the software on any recent Linux platform. All the required libraries are included in the archive so the only prerequisite should be a running version of  "python" .

To install Salome-Meca-2007, you should simply extract the content of the archive to its final destination like for example "/opt" and then run the post-installation script in a terminal: see README  for a detailed installation procedure.

 Running Salome-Meca

Then to run Salome-Meca-2007, simply launch the "runSalome" script from the installation folder


 Salome-Meca-2007.1-GPL.tgz archive :  712720073 bytes (~700Mb) 

 MD5Sum: 7f36f0be04be2cf2c066d243e59ead89

 Download Salome-Meca-2007.1-GPL


After now two years of development, we are very proud to release our first stable version of CAELinux, called CAELinux 2007.
This release contains many enhancements, new softwares and should give you a much better user experience.

CAELinux 2007 is based on the latest PCLinuxOs 2007 distribution which supports the most recent hardwares / chipset for a much better compatibility and ease of use. 
For example, CAELinux 2007 now supports directly 4Gb of Ram and up to 4 CPUs and boots now correctly on recent Intel chipsets.

Additionnally, the release of CAELinux 2007 is also particular in the sense that it contains the very first public release of the GPL Salome_Meca package developed by EDF (and many others). This brand new package represents the fusion of Code-Aster finite element solver and the Salome CAD/Pre/Post GUI and allows to run a complete FEA study directly from the SALOME graphical user interface. With this new GPL package, Open-Source FEA is making a jump in ease of use and gets always closer to commercial FEA softwares!!
We would like to thank here EDF for the confidence they have placed  in CAELinux to distribute this new GPL package!