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elmer -> step file

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15 years 7 months ago #2416 by thomas
elmer -> step file was created by thomas

i`ve sucessfully done all calculations with salome->unv2gmsh->elmerfront.
my problem is, that i want to have the results written in a step file. is this possible? and how?
thanks a lot!
15 years 7 months ago #2417 by Claus
Replied by Claus on topic Re:elmer -> step file
As far as I know, the STEP file format is only for exchanging geometry and not result-data as produced by Elmer or Code_aster / Code_saturne for that matter - for that you need a format like EnSight, Med, CGNS or something else, but I'm no expert, so someone please correct me .


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15 years 7 months ago #2418 by Joël Cugnoni
Replied by Joël Cugnoni on topic Re:elmer -&gt; step file

if you look at www.csc.fi/english/pages/elmer/interfaces
you will see that Elmer can export results to generic formats; typically to vtk, gmsh or opendx:

The native postprocessing format of ElmerSolver is only understood by ElmerPost. However, there is an auxiliary utility, ResultOutputSolve, that may be used to save the results in other formats as well. Currently supported formats include vtk (understood by Paraview, Visit etc.), gid, gmsh, and opendx.

I personnally use Paraview, Visit or GMSH quite often and they all work well after you learned how it works.

Although, I never tried to export results from Elmer to vtk or gmsh, but you will probably find the answer on the Elmer mailing list archive:

Good luck!!

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