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comparison between VTK XML / XDMF / MED formats

15 years 2 months ago #2879 by pjd
Hi all!

I'm currently noticing that one may find at least 2 interchange data formats for the purpose of numerical simulation data, namely MED, and XDMF.

I guess you know MED :-), and the XDMF is developped by the Army Research Lab (USA) and is described on this page:


Both formats seems to have the same goal, and I would like to know if a comparison survey has already been done to see the pros and the cons of those 2?

XDMF doesn't seem compatible with OpenSalome, and on the other hand, MED doesn't seem readable in ParaView...

If you had to chose between anyone of those two, having in mind to remain open to the open source community, which one should be chosen? regarding which criteria?

Is XDMF compatibility foreseen in OpenSalome oneday?

I thank you in advance for any advice and comments!


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