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Salome to Netgen via UNV

14 years 16 hours ago #4453 by JMB
Salome to Netgen via UNV was created by JMB
Hello all,

I recently installed netgen 4.9.12 and tried to import a UNV file generated by Salome 5.1.4 into netgen. All I get is a blank window that I am staring blankly at!

Why do something like this?! Well... I am trying to find a path to interoperability. Salome -> UNV -> Calculix. Salome does not export to Abaqus format, Calculix does not read UNV format. Netgen is supposed to read UNV and does write to Abaqus format.

Side Note: I tried to compile medaba10 on my own and have not been successful.

Has anybody tried this data transfer path Salome(UNV) to Netgen and been successful at it? Any feedback would be welcome... Thanks.


Seeking the opensource path to FEA interoperability, still seeking and seeking... :)<br /><br />Post edited by: JMB, at: 2010/07/20 17:53
13 years 11 months ago #4471 by Thorsten
Replied by Thorsten on topic Re:Salome to Netgen via UNV

i've tried to install medaba10 too on my computer.
The first two times it doesn't worked, but the third time it does.

I've got some notes for you for compiling medaba10.

At first you've got to install salome. It is necessary!

Second step is to source a shell script which is included in your salome install directory:

After the second step all the needed librarys are loaded. The best way is to write you an alias for your shell, because the sourcing of the shellscript is needed everytime you use medaba10.

Third step is compiling medaba10. Either with the makefile Mr.Bernhardi wrote, or type the &quot;compiling sentences&quot; in your shell and replace the variables by your paths.

After this step you should have an executable.

And to use the medaba10 you should export the path in your .bashrc so you can use it from every directory.

And: Very Important: To use medaba10 the shell script from the second step must be sourced (e.g. by your env ;-) ).

If you've got some questions ask or send an mail.

Best Regards,
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