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18 years 1 month ago #414 by JMB
Welcome to the IMPACT forum was created by JMB
Hello all,

This ia a forum to discuss the features, usage, & problems with an explicit code called IMPACT. It is java based, so it will run on any OS. It has a Pre & Post Processor, Solver & Graphing tool. See it at \"http://impact.sourceforge.net\"

Incidentally, in exchange for Jonas (a co-author) teaching me how to use the GUI based Pre-Processor, I wrote a tutorial for it. See it here: \"http://impactprogram.wikispaces.com\"

Hope to see more users join us. I did not develop the code, just the tutorial. Please direct all questions to one of the developers.

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18 years 3 weeks ago #467 by albedo
Replied by albedo on topic Tutorials

If you are new to FEM and/or want to know how to make models for Impact and how to use the IMPACT program itself, you should definitely visit impactprogram.wikispaces.com , as JMB told above.

I made three videos showing each step, from modeling, preprocessing, calculation to postprocessing.
The first model I made is a simple 2d-model of a rectangular rod with a bore:

More complicated models like 3d-shells and volumetric models will come soon.

Also check out Kumar's great step-by-step HTML tutorial here:

See you,

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14 years 5 months ago #3867 by Waluyo Adi Siswanto
Replied by Waluyo Adi Siswanto on topic Re:Tutorials
Hello all
I have just managed to install Impact in my Ubuntu 9.10 machine (AMD64). I had difficulty to run this, then found that I need to install Java3D manually. Now it runs.

I run the example bullet, it is very impressive as the elements really split.

I am now thinking to use this for composite materials. Is it possible if I have material with property orientations. If other users tried this, could you please share a simple problem so I can learn how to model composite materials.

Thank you very much.

14 years 2 months ago #4241 by michael austin
Replied by michael austin on topic Re:Tutorials
hi Waluyo Adi Siswanto,
Thanks for sharing it dear.
it is very much useful information
what are the specifications of Ubuntu 9.10 machine (AMD64)?
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