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Stamping cutting die simulation

2 years 8 months ago #9834 by yasu
Stamping cutting die simulation was created by yasu
Hello , I am Yasuhiro Suzuki Japanese.
If possible, could you help me ?

I made 3pcs of Cutting Stamping model of Impact (Punch , Material , Die )
Distance between Material and Punch is 0.1mm
Distance between Material and Die is 0.1mm

Material data is as follows.ElastoPlasticAluminum2024T3 E = 73.08075 NU = 0.330000 RHO = 0.00000277 FAILURE_STRESS= 0.4826087 YIELD_STRESS = 0.3447205 EP = 0.1

No sooner than simulation is started , material is broken like attached "Cutting Stamping simulation" file.

If distance of material and Punch is over 5mm, simulation is finished without trouble like attached gif file "Success of simulation"

I would like to set 0.1mm distance between material and punch / material and die.

Could you help me about it ?
2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #9856 by Claus
Replied by Claus on topic Stamping cutting die simulation
Old post but did you get it to work?
Here's a mat. definition from an old test I made.
Check your units.



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2 years 5 months ago #9921 by yasu
Replied by yasu on topic Stamping cutting die simulation
Dear Claus san,
Thank you very much for your kindly advice.
I revised impact in file .
But material is disappeared

I don't know how to solve it...
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