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CAELinux 2020 released

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3 years 11 months ago #9564 by Joël Cugnoni
CAELinux 2020 released was created by Joël Cugnoni
Finally, I have managed to finish a new release !

More information here : CAELinux2020 release

This has been quite complicated as the base OS and software to package all have increased massively in size over the year. It was nearly impossible to do something really complete within the 4Gb file size limit for regular ISO images.

To bypass this, I have found some special codes (from refracta tools) to build a proper ISO image larger than 4Gb, actually 6.2Gb... With so much space, I managed to install SalomeCFD along SalomeMeca, HelyxOS/OpenFOAM and a full suite for Calculix (Launcher + CAE Gui), as well add OpenModelica dynamic system modelling, Cura for 3D printing and the latest Arduino environement.

Due to its large size, you will need an 8Gb USB flash disk to create a bootable drive.
We have used Ventoy as a great tool to create bootable LiveUSB which worked perfectly on both Linux and Windows.

Finally, if you want to install it in a virtual machine, I strongly recommend to use VMWare Player or Workstation as it is the only virtualization tool that managed to run all applications perfectly. Unfortunatelly, SalomeCFD / Paraviz module does not have 3D display under VirtualBox (but you can use SalomeMeca/Paraviz instead...).

I have checked that it works properly on all my available machines (8 PCs & laptops), from AMD Phenom X4, Intel Core2Quad to Intel Xeon E5 and AMD Threadripper servers as well as latest gen Intel I5/I7 laptops, all this with a mix of AMD, Intel or NVidia GPU.

I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will work well for you.

On my side, I will use it to teach my FE simulation classes using SalomeMeca !
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3 years 11 months ago #9566 by Sukumar
Replied by Sukumar on topic CAELinux 2020 released
Congratulations and heartfelt Thanks Joel for the new release.

Best regards.
3 years 10 months ago #9595 by Shesh Nath Singh
Replied by Shesh Nath Singh on topic CAELinux 2020 released
Joel, a great news! I am so happy to hear that. The idea of a Linux distribution containing a group of thoughfully selected open source applications is a very bright idea. It is as important as the idea of open source.

I have been using CAELinux 2018 for more than a year now. I fount it highly rugged, highly useful, highly versatile! I would request to include a good circuit simulation software too, may be ngspice, xspice, spiceopus or something else.

I was also thinking to request to include OpenModelica which it seems has been included in CAELinux 2020. I am going to download and use it.

In CAELinux 2020, the boot up welcome screen (text and graphics) can be made bigger. It is cute but almost invisible.

Should not Wine also be included so that Free windows programs can also be run?

-- Shesh Nath Singh
Indore, INDIA.
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3 years 10 months ago #9596 by Joël Cugnoni
Replied by Joël Cugnoni on topic CAELinux 2020 released
Thanks for your great feedback.

I will try to include a Spice simulator next time.. You are right it is a usefull addition.

I use LTSpice for that as I find it very intuitive and it runs perfectly in Wine... But it is not open source. Which of ngspice, xspice or else offers the easiest work flow? For example using Kicad as schematic / net generator?

Finally, one of the main challenge for me is to limit the size of the distribution ... So that's why I don't include many usefull software such as Wine, Latex, OpenModelica and many other packages that are available in standard Ubuntu repositories... In the end it is just a few clicks away.

I thought at some point to develop a tool to install a selection of software for different use case: for example, choosing what you need, such as Electric Eng / Electronics, and/or Micro controller/Embedded dev and/or Fluid simulation... And then it would customize your distro for that by installing and configuring the recommended software packages for those tasks...

But it is more work and I might not have enough time to make it work in a stable manner.

Best Regards

3 years 10 months ago #9597 by Shesh Nath Singh
Replied by Shesh Nath Singh on topic CAELinux 2020 released
Thank you so much Joël for responding so quickly.

Regarding suitable Spice to be included in the next version of CAELinux, I will do my homework and then suggest.

I also have been using mostly LTSpice along with Qucs, and OpenModelica for circuit simulation. I found OpenModelica more useful for power electronic circuit simulation if you want to use advanced digital control and nonlinear magnetics along with other switching components. But many people may not like it as a general purpose circuit simulator.

Micro-cap has gone free for last few months. I feel it has many more features than LTSpice. But again, it is also not open source.

Joël, I can appreciate the challenges facing you, specially limiting the size of the distribution. May be it requires much more feedback from the users or an online voting.

with regards..
Shesh Nath Singh
3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #9599 by ing.nicola.dettole
Replied by ing.nicola.dettole on topic CAELinux 2020 released
Hi, thank you for this new relase.
code_aster/code_aster MPI are installed ? i don't find folder and executable ... as_run
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