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Need help for a musical acoustics project on accordion reeds modelling

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4 years 8 months ago #9469 by ewen d'aviau
Hi !
I am Ewen an french young acoustical engineer and instrument maker.
I am graduate from LAUM (Le mans France) and Kth (Royal school of technology, Stockholm) since 2014. I started in 2015 a deep and huge education in traditional instrument making around different workshops in France.

During my master thesis I start a project called Evisa (for EValuation and Instrumentation of an Accordion Structure) where I write a model in matlab for predicting the transient in time of accordion reeds base of analytical fluid mechanics equations and modal mechanical numerical finite elements methods (coded manually in matlab). For this I used Runge Kutta 4 order ans Modal decomposition of Fundamental equation of Dynamic (Forces = mass * Acc). I recorded a presentation of this model here few years ago if needed : youtube.com/watch?v=C-1NPwo96SA . I join also a text version of this attached to this message.

I try know to continue this work and I aim to do that in Salome Meca. But as far I don't know really if Salome meca could resolve both acoustical equation, perform Fluid structure interaction and compute results like time transient of a accordion reed coupled to an (Helmholtz) cavity with a defined air flow as parameter as I did with my previous model.

If you have some example Cases or ideas / tips or directions that could be helpful to go foreword That will help me a lot.

Best Regards,

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