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EC2 Issues (and an offer of betatesting help?)

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11 years 9 months ago #6458 by Ryan White
Hi All,

Spotted a few things in the EC2 setup of CAELinux that might need a bit of help.

1) it seems to be a previous version? 2010?
2) Running on the 'micro' instance Saturne isn't able to display the mesh in the pipe tutorial due to 'not enough memory' or some such (okay, limitation, but maybe some 'minimum requirements' can be put in?)
3) OpenFOAM wizard seems to be missing
4) Code-Saturne wizard, confirming first dialog pops up terminal window and closes it too quickly to read output, then does nothing with no CPU load. Only tried the 'pipe-mesh' tutorial steps.

Brand new CAELinux user here, and I'm hugely intrigued by the prospect of running it on amazon EC2. I'm wondering if there's any way I can help push development forward with this. I'm not a programmer yet, but if features need testing and ironing out, or there's somewhere to submit bug reports to, anything like that I'd love to help out with. I'd also love to cut my python chops on an open-source package worth working on, and between CAELinux and FreeCAD I think we could have something to rival major commercial packages in the near future (in terms of usability, not just sheer computational awesomeness, looks like we've already got that bit sorted).

I started by watching a few tutorials on getting CFD running, thanks to jcugnoni for actually doing voiceovers on what was going on...every other tutorial (eg. FEA) was just a mouse wiggling around with no context. I'd be happy to help make those.

Where do I start?
Thanks so much for putting this together!
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