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preprocessing in salome

15 years 1 month ago #2949 by mihe
preprocessing in salome was created by mihe
Hi, I have some problem getting along with salome as preprocessor. After a first look at salome It looks like a powerfull tool but I am having trouble getting up to speed...

Say I have a relatively large 3d mesh and I want to add some shell elements close to a face of the 3d mesh. It is convenient to show only part of the mesh during the work. Therefor I choose ”show only” that face. Now if I create any new elements they will become invisible since only the ”show only” face is visible. I have found no easy way to add the created element to existing groups. Thus in a large model it becomes very time consuming to make the new element visible again, so the work can continue...

If I want to add a seg 3 element (that i can later on use to revolve/extrude into quads and tria6) I can pick on the first and the last node but the mid node have to be entered by hand. That means I have to find that node number which is time consuming. I know I can create a seg2 first and later on convert it to seg3, but that also means that all my elements will become second order element, not just the seg2 element.

Adding nodes is a lot of work typing coordinates. I dont understand the link beween geometry and mesh. If I have i node i can not create a point at the same position just by picking on the node. If I have a point I can not add a node to the position of the point. Is it possible to project elements/nodes onto geometry?

Ok, I understand my questions are not so clear, but as I sad I can not seem to get things done in salome right now. I typically want to revolve, extrude (and create the guide elements(or geometry if that is how to do it) for these operations), offset elements, project, greate groups, display elements/hide elements and so on...
Do you have any tips/tricks do get things done? which buttons/functions do you use?

Kind regards,
15 years 1 month ago #2950 by mihe
Replied by mihe on topic Re:preprocessing in salome
One simple axample:

Say I want to create a node at a center of a hole in my existing 3d mesh.
1. create a circle (geometry) from three nodes around the existing hole
2. preate a point at the center of the circle
3. create a node at the point

I can not understand how to do step 1 and step 3. Where is the connection between geometry and mesh?
15 years 1 month ago #2952 by kwou
Replied by kwou on topic Re:preprocessing in salome
Hi Mihe

I think it is not possible to perform geometrical operations in the mesh module. So when you have a mesh around a hole, you cannot -in the mesh module- calculate from the meshnodes the centre of this hole. This has to be done in the geometry module. But then you 'loose' your meshnodes.

So when you add nodes in the mesh module, you have to give each coordinate of the new node by hand, at least if you work by the GUI.

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