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How to run a Wizard file directly?

15 years 3 weeks ago #3137 by J S
Is there a way to run the Aster Wizard output file (.comm? saved at the end of the Wizard) directly without manually stepping through the Wizard again?

I'm in an instance of running Aster Linear Wizard from Salome, Aster produces node errors, I go back to Mesh and fix, then re-run the Aster Wizard where it finds the next node it doesn't like and I repeat. Eventually the model runs.

...Probably a simple menu item I haven't been able to find / understand what I'm looking for.

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15 years 3 weeks ago #3144 by Claus
Replied by Claus on topic Re:How to run a Wizard file directly?
Isn't this just a case of right-clicking the case in the Aster module and selecting 'solve'? that will rerun the case generated by the wizard.

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