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mesh volumes with shared nodes

14 years 9 months ago #3423 by Kay
mesh volumes with shared nodes was created by Kay

Is there an open source meshing software that can mesh several volumes at the same time with sharing nodes and faces at the common surfaces?

Netgen can only do one volume at a time. I have also tried to merge 2 individually meshed volumes with Salome with its "Build Compound" function, but I can't seem to get the sharing faces to match up perfectly. The shared surface is quite irregular.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you
14 years 9 months ago #3427 by kwou
Replied by kwou on topic Re:mesh volumes with shared nodes
Hi Kay

If you want to mesh defined volumes, separated by common faces you can proceed as follows:
define the initial construction as one piece (maybe by fusing components) and later on partition the various parts, on the common faces, then you can perfectly mesh all the components with common nodes on the interface surfaces.

See also these threads:

kind regards - kees<br /><br />Post edited by: Kees Wouters, at: 2009/09/01 23:03

Interest: structural mechanics, solar energy (picture at 'my location' shows too little pv panels)

kind regards - kees
14 years 7 months ago #3632 by Torben
Replied by Torben on topic Re:mesh volumes with shared nodes
Have anyone tried the AFFE_CHAR_MECA definition of a LIAISON_GROUP or LIAISON_MAIL for this kind of coupling of DOF (DDL) ?

From: www.code-aster.org/V2/doc/v9/man_u/u4/u4.44.01.pdf

4.13 Mot-clé LIAISON_GROUP
4.13.1 But
Mot-clé facteur utilisable pour définir la même relation linéaire entre certains degrés de liberté de couples de nœuds, ces couples de nœuds étant obtenus en mettant en vis-à-vis deux listes de mailles ou de nœuds [§4.14.5].
Suivant le nom de l'opérateur appelé, les valeurs sont fournies directement (AFFE_CHAR_MECA) ou par l'intermédiaire d'un concept fonction (AFFE_CHAR_MECA_F).


4.14 Mot-clé LIAISON_MAIL
4.14.1 But
Mot-clé facteur utilisable pour définir des relations linéaires permettant de &quot;recoller&quot; deux &quot;bords&quot; d’une structure. La particularité de ce mot-clé (par rapport à LIAISON_GROUP par exemple) est de permettre de lier les déplacements de nœuds sans contrainte sur le maillage. Les maillages de FACE 1 et FACE 2 peuvent être incompatibles.

LIAISON_MAIL seems able to interconnect even with incompatible meshes (element type mesh density etc.).
Just for your inspiration ... I have no experience with these couplings (liaisons) myself. Do anyone with a relevant analysis feel challenged to do a test? :whistle:<br /><br />Post edited by: Torben, at: 2009/11/18 13:06
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