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Composite side discretisation & mapped mesh

14 years 4 months ago #3818 by Luigi
Hello to all forum,

it is possible to use option "composite side discretization" 1D mesh algorithm to obtain mapped meshes?
If I have a 5 side surface, can I "composite" 2 sides to obtain a (virtual) 4 sided surface? In this way I could mesh with "Quadrangle (mapping)" hypothesis to obtain a quadrangle mapped mesh.

Reading the help, it seems to me it should work in this way, but I tried many many times without any results.....

The only explanation I found is the following:

"Composite side discretisation 1D meshing algorithm allows
applying any 1D hypothesis to a whole side of a geometrical
face even if it is composed of several edges provided that they
form C1 curve, have the same hypotheses assigned and form
one side in all faces of the main shape of a mesh"

What does it mean?

does anybody know how to use this 1D mesh algo?

Thanks in advance to everybody would help to me.

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