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Using an .ensight mesh from Star-ccm+ in code_saturne

14 years 3 months ago #3970 by Axel

I have built my mesh in Star-ccm+ and exported it in .ensight format.

I am now trying to use it with code_saturne, but an error is raised when I run the preprocessor:

node id : off
element id : off

part 1 : Fluid
81208 noeuds
51912 éléments hexa8
4654 éléments nfaced
Remarque : pas d'id de sommets précisés
--> impossibilité de fusionner les "parts" EnSight,
donc "parts" suivantes ignorées.

The part1 (fluid) is recognised but it doesn't recognise the part2 (default wall) part3 (inlet) and part4 (outlet), because "no nodes' ids are defined".

Any idea how I could solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

14 years 2 months ago #4051 by David Monfort
Hi Alex,

To read Star-CCM+ files, I would advise you to link Code_Saturne preprocessor with the libCCMIO library. This library should be provided by CD-Adapco upon request.

Ensight format is rather a post-processing format than a mesh format. Perhaps the hypothesis done in Code_Saturne interpretation is somewhat different from Star-CCM+ export.

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