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MED vs Medit

13 years 2 weeks ago #5484 by Vincent Tariel
Replied by Vincent Tariel on topic Re:MED vs Medit

I checked the Tarball source for Gmsh, it has some codes for conversion, but the catch is they are apparently for converting from Gmeh format to dxf etc...

I am not sure if this is the case though. May I please ask anyone out there who knows about this to shed some more light? I really need to convert tetrahedral mesh from medit to Abaqus input format.

13 years 1 week ago #5488 by CAVT
Replied by CAVT on topic Re:MED vs Medit
It's much easier:
Gmsh comes also as a downloadable binary (ready-to-use software). Start it, open your mesh (File ---> Open) and then simply do File ---> Save As. In each step slect the appropiate mesh format from the filter list in the open/save dialog window.
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